I help early-stage entrepreneurs set their Health, Sales & Team foundations to surpass $1M a year in sales

Reduce overwhelm, increase energy, and make more sales to power your success

Health, Sales and Team Strategy


Pete Solway here.

I provide Outsourced Sales Management, Personalised Health and Work strategy sessions, and coaching to help early-stage & small business owners surpass their first $1M year in sales.

I’m an experienced early-stage business builder with a core skillset in sales. Supporting this is my training in personalised Health and Energy management. This sees my approach to sales and business building to be one of sustainability, flow, and a conscious approach to preventing burnout.

When working with me your can expect:

  • Reduced Overwhelm
  • More energy & clarity
  • More success - as you define it
  • More sales - the plan to surpass $1M in sales

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